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A few tricks from today with bossman @renerinnekangas @lumilautaliitto @perisher_parks #perisher @monsterenergy @girosnow

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@laku.paavi is a hard working man, last few weeks he has spent a few hundred hours to finish the movie in time for the premiere! Here's a clip from his part🍕🍕 . #snackbreaksnow #snowboarding ...

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  • @renerinnekangas sending it! Pic @lumilautaliitto 
#rodeosnow #snowboarding #sending #perisher #renepressaksi
  • Jotain oleellista puuttuu? #missälumi #talvellasittentaas @serenaresort
  • @joeltyni short parkclip from @isosyote Edit: @stennabb 
  • @fonnasnowpark is the place right now! 
@tytti_pieti showing how it's getting done. 
Pic @knudsensiv #summershred #folgefonna #rodeosnow #visitfonna #fonna #glasier #piruliina
  • The Bossman @jopiwankenobi sending it, killing it and just bossing around at @fonnasnowpark 
#folgefonna #fonna #visitfonna #fsboard #sendaus #rodeosnow #summershred
  • @piruliina crew presenting a teaser for their upcomig movie V.V.A! Dropping in fall. #piruliina #rodeosnow #snowboarding
  • Tämän päiväinen Dew Tour Bootcamp siirretty Valli Halliin klo 14.00 Tule katsomaan tai kisaamaan, ei maksa mitään. #dewtourbootcampfi
  • Avointa skedekisaa Narikkatorilla 18.6. Voit voittaa kisamatkan Amsterdamiin. Katso lisätiedot ja ohjeet
  • @snackbreaksnow dropped a teaser today to their new movie Deviate! Make sure to check that out on ! 
Nice one @laku.paavi 
#rodeosnow #snackbreaksnow #snowboarding
  • @arttu187 #REMIX by @stennabb #snowboarding
  • Kalajoki X-games last summer. @knudsensiv with a fs noseblunt. 
@ridesnowboards @sinnestore #kalajokixgames #rodeosnow #snowboarding
  • Reggae-Pekka aka @mihkula on a misty morning sesh at #wappulounas 
Pic @knudsensiv 
#rodeosnow #onefoot #reggaeoke #snowboarding #rastaman #jahbless

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  • Grey and windy day means slay the rails instead of jumps. Henna getting it done with a boardslide indy. 🤘🏻
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • So the Mile High finals are in the books. Congrats to @sventhorgren and @haileylangland for getting to the top of the podium today! Kalle ended up on ninth place, sick kicker section but a bit sketchy on the rails. Well battled Kalle! 👊🏻
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • Semifinals are done at Mile High and this time it was Kalle Järvilehto who found his zen and finished third for tomorrow's finals! Yay! 👍🏻💪🏻 Henna Ikola put up a good fight in the women's field and just missed the finals by finishing 9th. Top 10 nonetheless! 💥

Roope Tonteri, Rene Rinnekangas and Ville Paumola unfortunately missed finals by placing 16th, 18th and 29th respectively. Good show though, lads! 👊🏻
  • Mile High qualis are finally done and we are pleased to announce that all Finns are through to semis! 💥 Kalle Järvilehto (pictured here with friendly Swiss-Frenchie @borismouton ) got second place in qualification with a score of 76,83 and Rene Rinnekangas was fourth with 75,83! Henna Ikola just made the cut by finishing 11th out of 24 in the womens field and coach Koskinen promises to do a better job at waxing her board at the start tomorrow. 😬😜 #goteam
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • Mile High qualis got postponed due to bad weather (everyone in the semis tomorrow, wohooo!) so coach Koskinen got to get his tweak on in the pipe instead of hanging around at start. 🤓
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • Today's training for the Mile High went well! Jumps were closed so Rene decided to shut down the rail section too with this #headplank slide. 💥💪🏻🤘🏻
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • @roopetonteri ja @hennaikola kävivät tutustumassa kesän alussa Veikkauksen tuotolla tuettuihin skeittiparkkeihin ja hyvin viihtyivät. Veikkauksen tuella tuetaan myös Lumilautaliittoa, minkä kunniaksi Veikkauksen sivuilla voi vielä tänään osallistua arvontaan, jossa voi voittaa 800 € arvoisen Burton-lautasetin Burton Store Helsingin valikoimasta. Osallistu arvontaan:
#veikkaus @veikkaus_fi @burtonstorehelsinki #burtonsnowboards
  • Roope and Ville would like to remind everyone that it is very important to eat. And if you're too tired to eat on your own, you can always ask a friend to help you. 😋🍽
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • Meanwhile in New Zealand @ennirukajarvi is mastering her backside 180's. Photo credits goes to bossman @anttiautti. Excited to see what this crew is up to! #cardrona #newzealand #snowboarding @rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra #coordinatesofsnow #forthebrave #veikkaus
  • Down day and some good old juoksupingis! 🏓
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • Another amazing day in the books at #perisher! Double time on the @perisher_parks rainbow by Rene and Peetu. 🌈 
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra
  • The moment we have all been waiting for (and Henna the most): KANGAROOS!! 🤘🏻😬🤘🏻
@rukaskiresort @huaweimobilefi @veikkaus_fi #dextra