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The first of May at Ruka Ski Resort is something that every human being should experience during their lifetime, no joke. That’s like the Boss fight of the season, gathering the whole snowboarding scene of Finland to wrap up the season and go all crazy. That shit is called WAPPULOUNAS and this edit is taking you as close to the vibes from our view of the event as you can get without attendance.

THANK YOU WAPPULOUNAS wappulounas.com/

Video: Anton Kiiski
Filming: Tuukka Korhonen, Anton Kiiski, 292CREW
Riders: Aapo Enqvist, Anton Kiiski, Tatu Toivanen, Rene Rinnekangas, Riko Rinnekangas, Mikko Rehnberg, Nooa Risku, Joel Ahola, Antti Komulainen, Santeri Uimonen

Thank you for the music !
Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra


The Heartburns – Stay Away




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