Rodeo Park Raid: Pyhä 2019

What a time to be alive! We found Stetsoni-jäbä from a cabin 30km from Pyhä resort. He was about to suffer some really bad ass anti-social overdose so we took him along. Turned out he was a formal superstar at the slopes. Everyone wanted to hang out with him!

Video: @Stennabb
Additional Filming: Petrus Koskinen
Photography: Risto Järvelin (@Ristojarvelin)
Music: BILO 503 – leaving & Liquid Earth – Dune

Nooa Risku (@Nooarisk)
Petrus Koskinen as Stetsoni-Jäbä (@Petruskoskinen)
Saska Halmes (@Mr.steazyy)
Roope Rautiainen (@Rooperautiainen)
Simo Rautava (@Incrediblemiesman)
Elias Veijola 

Thanks: Pyhä Ski Resort, Suvi Talvikki Vuorimäki, Volkswagen Suomi, Shreddingtonsnow, Rodeo Snowboarding.