When calls the adventure – Backcountry Snowboarding

Hieno dokumenttimainen video vapaalaskusta Norjan syrjäisillä alueilla ja löytämisen vaikeudesta. Miikka Hast laskemassa ja Flatlightin Matti Ollila kuvaamassa.

In english:

In May 2017, Finnish freeride snowboarder Miikka Hast and filmer Matti Ollila went to explore an especially inaccessible region of Arctic Norway known as Øksfjordjøkelen. They were on a mission to climb and snowboard down wild, untouched lines in mountains that rarely see human footprints. Hitching a boat ride to a remote fjord inlet, Miikka and Matti climbed up into a high glacial basin where Miikka rode the first descent of a striking couloir. See the frustration and triumph of Miikka’s quest to explore this unique region in this film by Matti Ollila and Kota Collective. Expedition and film made possible by the Jones Snowboards’ 2017 Team Adventure Grant.

Film by Kota Collective